Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hannaaaaaa ♥ :D

hello :)
so, since i'm a nice friend, i'm going to blog about,


ignore the sesat un-coloured people behing Hanna :D

so, i met Hanna when i was 6, in Tadikum, we were so cool back then, we wore Pokemon t-shirts and ate sugar crackers during snack time :P so yeah. we used to be best frieeeends (aww) alongside with Nadd and this girl called Kanisha. we used to ride the swings together, and play in the playhouse, hihi. oh, hanna was the new kid, haha. i remember, the girls and guys used to have a competition who was stronger, by pushing the see-saw >:D maybe you losers don't get what i'm talking about, but well, Hanna does, KAN? anyway, enough about Tadikum, we were cool, and that's fo sho :D

so, in standard 1, we were in the same class! :D I remember during orientation, you sat with Nadd, and i sat with Sakinah. I remember Hanna wearing this maroon coloured baju. Heehee. Anyway, standard 1 was cool. I remember this convo we had ;

hanna : eh, karyna, let's exchange our mechanical pencils :D

me : don't want.

hanna : alaa, but my pencil is very good lh, it can write 3 long sentences before the lead breaks.

me : so? mine also can.

hanna : NO, i mean it can write one whole looooooooong essay before breaking!

me : okay, let me try then,

hanna : NO! i mean 3 looooooooooooong essays before breaking! D:

me : ee, i don't want it. (in my head : whatever major loserrrrrrr, HAHA)

anyway, i remember we used to sharpen our pencils at the back of the class (haha, i copied you, heehee), aww so sweet. I remember, the first week of school, your mom used to come every reccess, and you used to always eat your sausages :P we always ate together, heey, remember, the first day of school, during recess, the bell rang and we didn't even know if we had to go back into class -.- so we asked Arif Adam (?) and he said yes, so yeah, we went into class :D hehe -.- anywaaaay, i remember you used to have colour pencils in this flat box thingy, and you wanted to show how strong you were, so you broke your colour pencils, and asked me to break some of them, to show how strong i was, heehee, I SUCCEEDED! Yes, i actually broke the colour pencils, aww. And you asked this guy named Haziq (?) to break your colour pencils too. And the next day, your parents came to school, and reported to Pn. Chee that Haziq broke your colour pencils xD heehee. And i remember you taught me how to spell 'supercalifragilistiespiallydocious' (?), HAHA. Anyway, in standard 1, we got some stupid injections -.- I'm not sure if you cried, but, wadahell, i'm going to tell everyone you did. so yeah, EVERYONEEEEEE, HANNA CRIED AFTER AN INJECTION >:D heehee. so yeah. omg, remember when you dressed up as Snow White during the fashion show thingy? HAHAHA. You were so fo shizz.

Then, in standard 2, Hanna & I were in different classes, and I was like whateverrr, so i got close to Nad , I drifted apart from Hanna (aww, so sweet). Nothing cool happened in standard 2, but i remember, one day, your mom was standing outside your class, and when i asked someone, (i don't remember who) , she said that your mom wanted to tell your class teacher that you'd be gone for 1 year, as you had to go to England with your family. I was like "ahah okaaaay", because i was only 8, and obviously 8 year olds don't have any feelings, right? -.- so yeah, you were gone, until the end of standard 3, Zoee & Nad ran to me, and told me "Hanna's back! And she has a british accent! :D" , I was like "ahah, cool :P" so, we ran to the library, and there you were, taller than ever -,- omg omg i remember, you said this to me ; "I'm wearing a haaaalf singlet, and i'm having sponge in my shoe", in a british accent. Zoee, Nad & I couldn't stop ejeking you after that :))

Okay, in standard 4, you were in 4 Melur, I was too cool for you :PP so I didn't talk to you. We were in the same class in standard 5, but I had cooler friends, Zoee & Michelle (HAHA) :P again, I was too cool for you. Standard 6 was the same, you were a bit too lame for me >:D so i just ignored you. Ew, you were so lame. *flips hair.

Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen, form 1 :D You were in 1 Bakti, I was in 1 Fasih, a.k.a the class for cool people. You were in the lame class, cause you're lame >:D so yeah. Let's just skip form 1, because i want to sleep because i have ballet at 9.00, tomorrow -,- Anywaaaaay, this year, we got into the same class! I didn't care lh, obviously, because hell-oooo, it's just Hanna >:) Anyway, we got closer this year , aww, remember the time you came to my house, for the ICTL work, eventhough we only took photos :P heehee. And remember Shout Awards with Nad? Heehee. And World Stage? Aww, memories. I love sleeping over at Nad's with you, ordering McD at 4.00am! You'll ALWAYS sleep first, and Nad & I would be too scared to wake you up to move ;/ hee. OMG remember, after World Stage? All the presents Nads' mengaji teacher gave her? We laughed a lot, haha. OMG REMEMBER HOW TO READ? :D man, i love that book ♥, too bad you stopped bringing it to school :[ so yeah. I think imma stop now, I bet nobody actually's reading this, except for you, cause you're my number one stalker ;D (agree or die). Heehee. So yeah.

So, one thing i learnt about you is that, NEVER EVER kacau you when you're in a bad mood :S omgee, sumpah scary. Heheee. So yeah. I love you Hanna and i love Aar too ♥ I'm so glad i'm your friend, aww, so sweeeet ;P (cehh, bangga lh tu), you should be happy i'm actually wasting my time doing this for you, but it's okay, i'm still cool :)) So yeah,




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