Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dim Sum :D

hello :)
So, I woke up freaking early for ballet, then had piano for 1 hour and 40 minutes, because like, my songs are like, 6 pages each -.- Then, went online, as usual. Soo Sun's online! :o

Hahah, okaaay. So i'm going for AAR later -.- And yes, i'm still lazy. Ee. I seriously don't want to go at all. But I know it'll be fun, so i'm just going. I'd rather go online and sleep at home rather than go for that. Hehe. So yeah.

I'm sleepy, I want to sleep. So byebye.

A: karyna ?
Karyna :): yes?
A: are you in a bod mood ?
Karyna :): haha no why?
A: you didn't put any smileys . tht's weird . haha
Karyna :): HAHAHAH :P

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