Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'll be outside of your window.

hello :)
I am sleepy, cause I woke up really early for ballet just now. So this will be a short post. And it's going to be about the AAR concert. And if you didn't go, and you love AAR, don't read this. You might get jealous. Hihi :P

So, after piano, I went online. Then I slept. I had to meet up with Huda at 4.45. But I accidently slept till 4.30 -.- My mom lh, she didn't wake me up, suddenly she was like "Eh, wake up! You need to go meet Huda in 15 minutes!", and I was like zzz wtf? -_- why didn't you wake me up earlier? So I quickly changed and stuff. Yeah, I had like, 15 minutes to change. How nice. So, me, being the usual me, I just wore whatever I saw first :D Heehee. Then, stuffed my purse, phone and the tickets in my bag. It was already 4.45 -,- And I didn't have enough time to look for my comfy shoes :( So, I just took the first pair of shoes I saw ;D And those shoes were not comfy -.- They're flats. And everyone knows flats aren't comfy. Unless they're the Crocs flats. But I didn't want to wear my Crocs flats thingies because they were on the shoerack, and it'll be a waste of time to take them. So, yeah.

So, then, in the car, I texted Huda saying I was on the way. She was already ready =.= So, yeah. Met up with her, Adina and Aisyah and her dad drove us to Bukit Jalil. We waited in line to get in for like, 15 (?) minutes. WE GOT THE SHORTER LINEEE ;D Nad got there earlier than us, but she was in the long line, haha. How foolish, haha. Anyway, got in there, Megan was there. Haha. So yeah. Then Nad got in, then Balqis got in. Waited for Hanna to come with Asyraf. But we gave up aafter 40 minutes. So yeah.

We lost Huda & Adina, so yeah. Then, met up with Hanna and Asyraf, while we were sitting like noobs. Haha. So yeah. And somehow we lost Nad. So it was just Aisyah , Hanna and Asyraf until the end -.- We moshed together. Fine lh, we didn't get to mosh sgt pun, because there were no moshing songs :[ But hell yeahhh Aisyah & I were jumping around like retards. Hanna & Asyraf didn't, though. Nak macho kot, hehe. Anyway, after all the local bands performed, we waited for like whaaaaaaaaat? 1 hour and a half for AAR? -.- So it was like so boring.

While waiting for AAR to come on stage, Asyraf was sitting down (?) or something lh. Suddenly, he found a simcard on the ground. And yes, he took it -.- Aiyoooo. So yeah. We tried pushing ourselves to the front, and well, it worked :D Well, not really lh. But kindaaaa? Like from the back, to the middle. Haha. Theeeeeeeen, after 3 hours and 30 minutes of waiting, AAR finally performed. They were okay lh. I still prefer them at World Stage :S Heehee. I think it was because my feet were killing me, and I couldn't jump properly. Like, after 5 songs or so (?) I didn't feel like jumping anymore. We sat for awhile. So yeah.

Then, it ended. I was like "OMGWTFBBQLOL" so sekejap ah? Haha. So yeah. Camwhored for awhile, called my mom to come. Oh, and Tyson was throwing his stuff from stage after that, HIS GUITAR PICK WAS FREAKING AT MY FEET, but wtf, other people were faster, heh :( Anyway, while waiting for her, Aisyah, Nad, Hanna, Asyraf & I sat on the floor and talked.

Asyraf : Does anyone use DiGi? :D
Everyone : No -.-
Nad : Um, me. Why? -.-
Asyraf : Heeheehee. Nak beli the tshirt, but you must be a DiGi subscriber :(
Hanna (?) : I thought you have the DiGi simcard you found on the floor? -.-
Asyraf : Hihi, OH YEAAAAAAAH.

And so yeah. He used that. Aiyoo. And when he checked, there was like, RM33 credit left :o Hahaha. So yeaaaah. 30 minutes after that, my mom came. She asked us to walk to the overhead bridge. And it was quite far from where we were. We walked so far, with our feet that felt like it would explode anytime soon. So yeah. My mom sent Hanna to this mamak near my house, as her dad was there, drinking teh tarik and doing his work on his laptop. Then, sent Asyraf, since he lives near my house. Then, dropped Aisyah & I at home, and sent Nad back :) Aww, I love my mom, hihi

So yeah. Overall, it was okay lh. World Stage was better. My feet hurt like hell. I haven't took a bath yet, eventhough I have other people's sweat all over me, and my sweat too lh. Oh, and I met several MySpace / Facebook friends. So yeah. Ee, nak mandi lh, byeee.

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