Saturday, October 24, 2009

I wake up in morning feeling like P.Diddy.

hello :)
so, today i didn't go to school, i woke up at 12.30, because my mom was like "wake uuuup, come eat lunch nowww", so i had to drag myself out of the bed to my dining room -.-
then, went online untill 2.00 (?)
then, my mom asked me if i wanted to go to Sunway with her and Sofeya, to get Sofeya stuff for graduation, I said yeah, because i didn't want to stay at home alone with my maid -.-
so yeah, got ready, and went to Sunway.
walked around looking for heels for Sofeya, went to Charles and Keith, Eclipse and other places, bought a pair after 30 minutes only :o
went to J.Co's, went back home, went online until now.
see how productive my day was?
heehee. kbyeeeeeee

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