Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pick a star on the dark horizon.

hello :)
so, i woke up today by the sound of my phone ringing freaking early, at 7.30 am -.-
it was Bella, Hannan's cousin :o

bella : hello?
me : (suara baru bangun) mhm hello?
bella : awak, awak tengah buat apa?
me : tidur.
bella : kenapa suara awak macam tu?
me : i was sleeping.
bella : oh. yeke? sorry kacau. bye.
me : mhm. *puts down the phone*

so, yeah. went back to sleep straught after that.
then, my mom freaking woke me up at 9.30 -.-

my mom : wake uuuuuuuuuuup! we have to go to an open house.
me : -.- tknk pergi (because i already escaped 2).
my mom : just come lh. cepat. go mandi. i need to get ready.
me : -.- heh.

so, yeah. i HAAAD to go -,-
and zzzzomg, my mom took like what? 1 hour ++ to get ready?
haha, she's always like this.

my mom : okay, which tudung lagi sesuai? white?
me : black lh.
my mom : oh, okay.


my mom : TK SESUAI LH DD: noooo, what colour now?
me : -.- idk.
my mom : PINK! *looks for her pink tudungs, they're COLOUR CODED, btw -.-*
me : -.-
my mom : okay, which one? *shows all her pink tudungs, yg banyak gila*
me : anything lh -.-

haha, so yeah. and that's just the tudung part okay -.-

my mom : OMG BAG! kena guna pink bag lh!
my dad : guna je lh, the bag you tgh guna now, don't waste time and keep on changing your bags -.-
my mom : NOO, nanti tk matching. what bag should i use? *thinks* OH OH MY PINK BAG YG GUCCI THE SMALL ONEEE! i need to look for it D:
me : -.-
my mom : MANAAAA? (looks through millions of bags) TK JUMPAA!
me : -__-
my mom : OH HERE, i found it :)

yeah, it's usually worse.

my mom : OKAY KASUT ! KASUT MANA? what colour? D:
me : pink lh -.-
my mom : pink? ke white?
my mom : okay, okay.


(in the car)
my mom : matching ke? D:
sisters : YES, MATCHING!
my mom : eesh, no lh, i think i should've used the white ones D: JAP JAP LET ME GO TAKE THE SHOES IN THE HOUSE.
us : -_______________________-

hahah, pretty stressful, no? haha.
anyway, the open houses were boring, as usual.
so yeah. there's school tomorrow, ew. can't wait to see my friends, though.
so yeah. byeeeeeeeeee <3

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