Tuesday, October 6, 2009


hello :)
so, i asked Atikah to watch a couple of video clips, including Push *kenings.
ahaha. well, Atikah is a VERYYYY innocent girl, and yeah.
so, yeah. and well, she did. she emailed me after that -.-

this is what she said :

"Dear Karyna,
First of all, I am so traumatized of the video clip Push. I think I'll get nightmares for 3 nights like Puteri Gunung Ledang and I think that the guy is so inappropriate and the girl should find a much better outfit. Hurt and The Call was nice.

I am really sorry but I really can't find my camera. I wasted 45 minutes to find it and I call my mom and she said it's at her house. So sorry.

Besides that, I went to www.such-an-awesomeloser.blogspot.com and I thought that you have a good sent of humor. I find blogging not a bad thing because before this, I thought it was illegal and I just did some research and found out it's not.

That's for now. Have a nice day.

Yours truly,

see how naive she is? :] haha, that's why i looove herr
she's so naive, she thought blogging was illegal -.-

ooh, in class, Aqilah told me about HZ :D
so yeah. byeeee <3 need to do homework D:<

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