Friday, October 30, 2009

You make my life worth while.

hello :)

Die Melissa, DIE. Haha. You know I love you.

Haha, anyway, I woke up at 12.00 something, since I skipped school. Did my KH notes and finished my science notes. Ate, took a bath and went to school, for sejarah drama. It was very boring. Haha. Didn't do anything.

So, met Adline for awhile, she told me that Nureen & Sasha were in 1 C, so I went to 1 C. Watched them do their senamrobik, HAHAHAHA. They were good (Y), heehee, I remember last year, Farah, Balqis, Amalina, Intan, Kaiyisah, Afrina, some other people & I did our senamrobik thingy to Five Colours In Her Hair :') Aww.

Anyway, talked to Nureen & Sasha, they're going for the Kem Tahan Lasak -.- So, i'm going too. Hahah. It's this fitness camp, that means eating healthy, and waking up early everyday, for 5 days :S Ooh, cheer clinic is tomorrow ;D Heehee. Can't wait to see who's coming, haha. And at last, cheer. I miss cheer. Like seriously. Haha.

Oh, i'm going to school tomorrow. And that's bad. I mean, we'll get more results, and i'd feel as if I wanna die even more. And that feeling's bad. You know, Elyssa is so weird. She's watching playboy mansion on YouTube -.- And no, no porn lh. So yeah. AAR is on Saturday, and obviously i'm too lazy to go, but i will go lh. I'm always lazy to go for concerts, idk why. I'm too cool for concerts lh, HAHAHA. So yeah.


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