Wednesday, November 25, 2009


hello :)
So, i'm currently sleeping over at Aqilah's house. It's 5:13 am, and we just finished cooking ;D HAHAHA OMG OMG I KNOW RIGHT? WE MASAK HAHA. Like seriously. And we didn't burn the kitchen down taaau! ;D *bangga* And you wanna know what we cooked?

-Lamb pattie(s) (First one tk jadi, second one we put cheeese :D )
-Popcorn chicken with cheese, black pepper and the sauce thingy.
-Coke Lite

Okay fiiiiiiiine. I know, that's not even considered as cooking, but still, we were very proud of ourselves :')

And so yeah. The first patty sucked. Like real bad. Because we forgot to de-frost it. HAHA. So like yeah. And we were like "OMGWTFBBQLOL SO TK SEDAAAAP" O: , and we decided to 'cook' somemore, we made another patty, this time with cheese (Y). It wasn't as bad as the first one, but okay lh, for beginners, LOL ;D And then, we made the popcorn chicken. Ah, that was the only sedap thing, HAHA. So yeaaaah.

Oh, I forgot, Pik Leng, Yassh and Hanna are here too, HAHA. But Hanna slept from 1.00am and so she missed out all the fun. We cooked for 2 hours. Hahahaaa. Susah okaaay. Oh, and before that, we were videocalling people, including Alfi. HAHAH. So funny. Pik Leng was flirting with him, haha so yeaaah ;P

Anyway, it's 5:30, and I have cheer in 3 more hours D: So like, I better sleep (?) now. Haha. No, I think I wanna go online or something. EEEEEEE WTF EVERYONE'S ASLEEP? D: Greaaaaat. Byebyeeee

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