Wednesday, November 25, 2009

hello :)
Oh Great. Cheer is in 2 more hours and I haven't slept yet -.- Very niiiiiiiice. How to cheer right? And later will be heading to Sunway for a class party, skating, HEHE. Hopefully everyone's gonna turn up. And I hope I won't fall asleep while skating. So yeah. Everyone's asleep. How nice. I pun nak sleep, but I can't ): OH! And you know, I was so so so bored, that I actually took a shower -.- Yes, at 6.00am on a holiday, HAHA. Very niiiice, I know. So now, I smell good ;B Better than most of you anyway :) Anyway, i'm scared. HAHAHA. The pintu toilet is not closed. AND IT'S DARK. HAHA. Shadap. I get scared easily :) So yeah. Omg. I feel sleepy. YAY HAHAHA :P I know, so stupid. So yeah. I want to sleep. Byeeeeeeee

Bila nk keluar niiiiiii?

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