Thursday, November 19, 2009

2 Hormat 2009 ♥

hello :)

So, yesterday was our last day of school. I wasn't sad, nor happy. Because like, we'll get to see each other next year kan? But well, I was sad I had to leave my fellow classmates :( So yeah.

So, Monday was our class party. Honestly, it was the worst class party ever ;P So yeah, haha. Suddenly, it rained. And so obviously people played in the rain kan? Haha. Including me lh. I got wet, duh. Suddenly, Jasween, Soo Sun & some other people got called into the bilik disiplin, cause they were wet. Haha. I was sort of dry (?). And oh, oh, I was playing pass the chicken with a few people :P When it got to Hanna, she ate the whole piece of chicken (as usual) xD HAHA :P

Anyway, I got called into the discipline room like, 1 hour after that , with Pik Leng ;D HAHAH THE WHOLE ROOM WAS FULL OF WET PEOPLE (!) haha. They scolded us class by class. It was funny looking at a few form 1's crying :P When it was Pik Leng & My turn :-

Pn. M : Why are you girls here? You are not even wet -.-

Us : -____-"

So yeah. Didn't even get scolded. Wasted 1 hour there for nothing. So yeah.Went back into class and talked. After school, went to gym. Hannan, Nureen & Lissa followed me there. Stopped at my house first. They waited while playing with my cats. My cats HATE Nureen >:D Anyway, I was the only wangi one. And I used my strawberry shortcake lotion :DD Damnnnn, it's so wangi ! Went to gym.

Me : Izaz! Smell my legs :DD

Izaz : o.o *smells* EH WANGI LH ;D

Haha, so yeah. Nureen and Lissa smelt them too :P They are so weird, haha. After gym, had tution. Nerdy Nerd was there. Nad came to my house after tuition and played Guitar Hero and Cooking Mama xD It was so funny looking at her LOSE :P So yeah.

On tuesday, had cheer. Was okay. Juniors learnt alot. They improved too (Y) Everyone loves my lotion >:D

Me : SARAH SARAH SARAAAAAAAAAH ;D Smell my lotion! *squeezes the bottle* *tersprays to her face* :D HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Sarah : Fuckeeeeeeeeer. HAHA *spreads lotion on my hair & baju*

So yeah. Padan muka Sarah >:D My hair became keras.

So yeah byeeeee

Seri and my lotion. See, she loves it so much ;p (photo by Eishatur) :)

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