Thursday, November 19, 2009


hello :)

(Taken from Hanna's blog,

(Incomplete, Missing : Yassh & Atikah)

I'll miss the Kooldawgs. Each and every one of them.
-Karyna for her stupidity (HAHA) and non-stop rantings about cheer,
-Jasween because of the way she talks and tells her stories,
-Yasshene's stories, they're so funny and sometimes so ridiculous. I can also always depend on her to help me out with something... It usually involves walking with me to the staff room to see a teacher :p ,
-Pik Leng because I can always depend on her to do things, and her loud KP voice is... (Y) ,
-Atikah because of how naive and gullible she is about everything. She's so sweet, never tells lies and nice and optimistic about everything. And no, Atikay, you will not get a virus if you send a Poke on Facebook.,
-Susan because of how "manly" she is, and how annoyed she is by me. It shows! :p
-Karishma for probably being the most sane of the Kooldawgs. I got closer to her this year after a year in Form 1 of not really talking so much, I remember in Std 5 and 6 we used to sit beside each other and well, talk about anything and everything ;)

They're always the noisiest in class and no matter how many times I tell them to shut the hell up, truthfully they're the ones who make 2 H as it is. Noisy. They contribute the most noise and bring in most of the fun.

HAHA, hell yeah, Hanna :)
I'll miss them too :(

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