Thursday, November 5, 2009

6 Months.

hello :)
So, I haven't been blogging much lately. Haha. The last time I blogged was like, what? 3 days ago? Idk, haha.
Aaaaaaaand, you wanna know why I haven't gone online in awhile?

My mom : Tonight, don't go online.
Me : o.o WHY LH? -.-
My mom : There's much more in life than going online. Go do something else.
Me : O__________O

So yeah. SHE ASKED ME TO READ A BOOK. But I read Seventeen, and got bored after 5 minutes, so I watched tv, but nothing interesting was on. So I switched off the tv and stared at my floor, the blank tv, and like yeah. I pretty much did nothing for like what? 40 minutes? And so, I called Pik Leng and Soo Sun. They were the only thing(s) that made me feel less bored ._. Heh. My life sure is sad.

Anyway, school has been okay. Hehe. Today, 'Z' cried in class today o.o Because of some reasons lh. I was like "OMGWTFBBQLOL" so yeah. And I was so nice, pujuking heeeeeeeeeeer. HEHEHEHE. Okay not funny. Stayed back for sejarah drama. I don't really do anything, really. Cause i'm the costume person thingy. So yeah. OH OH OH.

There finally was gym on Monday ;D And omg ramai gila orang dataaaaaaaang -.- THREE FREAKING PEOPLE. So yeah. Couldn't do any stunts. But did a lot of handstands / tumblings etc ;/ So yeah, idk if there's cheer tomorrow. But I still have to stayback, so it wouldn't make any difference.

Oh, Jasween didn't come on Monday, so I only got to know her story on Tuesday. And HELL YEAH, it definately was worth the wait. HEHEHE. VERY NICE ONEEEE. Lift (Y) Cinema (Y) Hehe. Nice onee. Anyway, during ICTL, we (the orang-orang cool HAHAHHA), Jasween, Susan, Pik Leng, Atikah & I were chatting to strangers on Facebook, HAHAHA. There was this guy, DAFOOSA. Or something liddat, he was hella funny :')) Hehehe. So yeah. And you knooooooooow, AISYAH'S COMING TO SCHOOL TOMORROW (!) :D *claps hands. Haha. She never comes.

During agama, we were playing Twister ;D Eishatur's ass was in my face T.T
Haha so yeah. I think i'm bringing my camera tomorrow. Camwhoreeee (!) Yeaaaaay hahaha. So yeah byeeee
D.B :
Sun at 10:32pm
H.S :
haha..u wana join?? :P
Sun at 10:34pm

Y.L.P :
ko nk join ke x??? kita wat foursome
Sun at 10:34pm
D.B :
nah its okay, im straight ;D
mentang2 aladdin ada scene french kiss kat lift ,ada orang tu nak ikut jugak :D
HAHAHAHA JASWEEN, JASWEEN. I'd die if you read this o.o Hahaha.
And I don't think i'll be updating till .. whenever.

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