Monday, November 2, 2009

#1 Girl.

hello :)
So, I just got back from Sunway with my family, minus Sofeya and Elyssa.
I wanted to get these shoes from Topshop, but my dad was like -.- So, I merajuk-ed lh. I didn't talk to him until we went to eat lunch.

Me : *sad face* :( Daddy, I want the Topshop shoes :((
Daddy : -.- Okay, okay nanti beli.
Me : :D hehe.

So yeah. But Topshop was at the entrance, so I decided to buy them when we go back.
And since I merajuk-ed, my dad bought me a dress :D
And I went to Cotton on, damn son, they had flats in EVERY single colour. And I was like o.o
So, I made my dad buy me two pairs, black and purple. But he didn't mind, because I was merajuking, hehe.
Then jalan jalan and stuff. Was too lazy to go to Topshop so tk beli the shoes. But I don't care.

Oh, and I pulled my neck muscles.

Me : Daddy, i broke my neck.
Daddy : -.- If you broke it, you would have been dead by now -.-
Me : Oh o.o
Daddy : You just pulled your muscles lh.
Me : Heehe okay okay.

So yeah byeeee

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