Friday, November 20, 2009


hello :)
So, today was an awesomeeeee day >:D (HEHEHE HANNA SERI AQILAH).
Woke up at 6:40am, because I was supposed to follow Aryana & Elyssa to their hari kanak-kanak. But well, that someone told me he wasn't going, cause he had to see the doctor -.- So, I slept back. I even texted Hanna & Aqilah saying that I won't be going.
But then, the certain someone texted me saying if I go, he'll go -__-" So, I was like "omgwtfbbqlol -.-" and, I got ready and went. When I got there, Seri was there. BUT SHE WAS HIDING IN THE TOILET. Because she loner, HAHA. Anyway, Hanna came after that. And then Mei Yian came. We met some teachers.

Us : *salams Cikgu Razman*
C. Razman : Oh, Karyna!

Hanna : *salams*
C. Razman : Oh, Hanna!
Mei Yian : *salams*
C.Razman : Oh, Mei Yian!
Seri : *salams*
C. Razman : Um, yang ni, saya lupa nama :
Seri : -.-

So yeah. After that, Nadd came. Talked. Blablabla. Went into the dewan, stalked Faiq :DD I swear, he's so freaking cute :) And yes, yes Seri, he's yours -.- HAHA. We took pictures with him (H).

Then, Aqilah called, and asked us to fetch her from McD -.- Because she was supposed to go for gym, so yeah. Haha. Walked there, for like, 5 minutes ._. AND THEN, AND THEN, *insertnamehere* TEXTED HANNA SAYING HE WAS IN SSP ALREADY, HAHAHA. So, Aqilah & I dengan penuh semangat walked ran back to SSP :D Haha.

Omg, when we got there, the certain someone was there, OMG HE WAS SO HOT :P Aqilah & I were trying not to die on the spot, HAHA. We were spying, LOL. Like, wherever he went, we looked, LOLOL. Seriously. Omg. Haha. Then, we camwhored, but sikit je, haha.

After that, we went back into the hall, and this time, *insertnamehere* was there ;D So, it wasn't so boring. From where I was sitting, it was quite easy to look at him, HEHE. So yeah. Camwhored, again. But this time, with *insertnamehere* in the background :-D Omg. Haha :P So yeah.
I bet you think i'm some super stalker or whatever, but NO. I'm not. Hanna is (;

Okay, so anyway, where was I? Oh yeaaah. So we hung out there for a long time. Aqilah had to go back to gym. So, I followed her till the jejantas place. Then, I got too lazy :) So, I went back, haha. The certain someone was outside. So, I went outside, haha. Aqilah called me, talked.

Aqilah : *talks*
Aqilah : Eh, jap jap! Pedas! I nak ambik water jap, haha.
And then, ah very niiiiiice. HEHEHEHE. Okay okay. I'm too lazy to blog about the rest. But imma upload some pictures :D Byebye

Hanna pirate? HAHA.

Muhammad Faiq Khairol Anuar -Seri's :P


Hanna loves me. Her baju very cool oneeee, haha.

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