Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'll think of you tonight.

hello :)

So, first of all, SEE HANNA. I'VE GOT BLUE EYES.

And second of all, hello Aqilah ;D I know you're reading this too. Haha. Anyway, i'm tired of stalking Rudolph :( Nothing to stalk already. HAHA. I keep on looking at the epic photo of him :')

Anyway, i've been eating alot of shit lately, and that's not good. Haha. I'll get fat. And like, right now, i'm eating gummy worms AND pringles :( And I ate Pop Tarts for breakfast, chocolate sundae flavour pulak tu :( So yeah. If you see me next year, and like, I can't even fit on chair, you know why :(
Haha, so anywaaaaaaay, Aqilah & I like vanilla ice cream. Heeheehee. Only we know why, oh and Hanna too ;B

So like yeah. Okay, blogging is very boring nowadays. Idk what to blog about. Omg, Sofeya & her friends are being so noisy right now. They're always so noisy. Aren't they supposed to be studying for SPM or something -.-

So yeah byeeeeee

Currently listening to : VANILLA twilight

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