Thursday, November 26, 2009

Karyna is cool.

hello :)
So, I slept at like what? 6:30am and woke up at 6:50am, haha. I know, so sad. Anyway, went for cheer. Blablabla, went home. Seri and Nadd came, I took a bath, got ready for Sunway, for our class party. Oh, and before that we did manicures, HAHA. So yeah.

Soo Sun : *calls Nadd* Where are you guys now ah? (she was on the 3rd floor)
Nadd : 2nd floor. We can see youuuu! Can see us ah?
Soo Sun : o.o No.
Nadd : Look to your right, and ke bawah.
Soo Sun : Where? D:

And that went on for quite a long time, till we decided Soo Sun was just blind and we should just go up to fetch her -.-

Anyway, Husnina was there. Some other people were there already, ice skating. Hanna, Aqilah, Pik Leng, Yassh, Karishma and others came after that. After that, Faisal came. Skated blablabla. Had to pull Pik Leng & Soo Sun, HAHA. Fell down twice because of them pushing me down =.= Oh, and Pik Leng gave up after 10 minutes -.-"

Then, met up with Daniel, Kamil and Amir (WUSSUP HATERS AHHAHA). Daniel couldn't stop doing this,

Daniel : Eh Karyna, Karyna. *flexes musles* :D
Me : -.- Eee, tkde, tkde.

So yeah. Basically, the whole day was spent arguing with him about his non-existing muscles and biceps triceps whatever shit lh haha -.- So yeah. Skating got boring after awhile. So walked around, haha. That was a lie. Stayed in front of Famous Amos with those people mentioned above plus a few more. STAYED THERE FOR LIKE, 40 MINUTES DOING NOTHING. HAHA -.- So yeah. Then, Yassh, Pik Leng, Hariram, Tharma and this other dude came. Then Mira came.

Mira wanted to eat sushi. Went to Sakae Sushi. She was the only one who ate and stuff, haha. So yeah. Went to see Elynna and Hazman bowl after that, followed by a boring session of Dreamworld. So yeah. Nothing much happened after that (; Heehee.

And I practiced the guy handshake thingy :DD But obviously none of you people would know what it is, cause you're not cool enough, HEHE. Oh and I forgot to mention I saw an old SSP friend in Sunway :P HAHAH. Harjit Singh, LOLOL. HE HAS A BEARD WTF LOL HAHA. A hairy one pulak tu, HAHA. I'd die if he reads this. But obviously he won't, cause I don't even think he remebers me, hihi so yeah (:

So yeah. Byebye

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