Sunday, November 8, 2009

Misty eyes.

hello :)

Adline so sweet :') Hehehe. And Tharma, HAHAHA I KNOW I'M COOL RIGHT? :DD
Anyway, had ballet, piano & cheer today. Cheer was okay. Spotted. Faisal texted me at 11.00am asking me if I wanted to go to One Utama with some other people, but Huda was coming to play Guitar Hero at my house, so I couldn't go ;o

So yeah. Played Guitar Hero, and other Wii games, watched The Orphan. Damn son. Scared the shit outta me -.-' So yeah. She went back home. Did nothing. Hanna told me about OU -___________-"

Anyway, i'm so sweet. I printed out all those for my friends, and wrote messages at the back of them :')

So yeah byeeee

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