Monday, November 9, 2009

Out of this world.

hello :)

So yeah. Today, I woke up really early -.- At like, 9.30? -.- Because my mom forced me to follow her to The Curve. Had breakfast there. Walked around and stuff. Suddenly my dad got a call from the hospital, haha. Wasn't surprised. He had to rush to the hospital to like, operate someone -.- And so yeah. My feet were killing me. Then, sent Aryana to art class, and fetched Jasween from her house to go to Sunway.

So yeah. Went to Sunway. Walked around. As usual Dreamworld-ed. Haha. Ate at Wendy's. Watched This Is It. It was the worst movie ever, I tell you -.-" Watched it for only like, 40 minutes? Haha. We kept on laughing, because MJ was dancing like a crab, and doing the thing Pn. R did before xD HAHA. The people behind / next to us were VERY annoyed ;D

Person behind me : Suka lh tu gelak -___-"

It was funny, okay. Haha. Walked around more. Bought a BFF necklace from Diva (AWW, So sweet).Went home at around 7.00pm.

Jasween : O.O Heh? MANA? MANA?
Me : Sana! :D
Jasween : O.O MANA?
Me : Hehehe. Tkde lh :P
Jasween : -.- Khinzirrrr.

Hehe. So yeah. Great day, today. Will be skipping school tomorrow. I have tuition AND gym. Idk how to go for both -.-" So yeah. Oh, oh, Pik Leng really loves me. Seriously >:) && This would be hard to believe, but i'm actually sick of Sunway -_-

"You're number one ♥" - AWW.

Oh here, dreamworld photos plus the necklace, AWW :PP Oh, and ignore the rempit gempak photo xD HAHAHAHA. We wanted to sound rempitish, okay O:-)


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