Sunday, November 1, 2009

You're the direction i follow.

Hello. You wanna know something? Well, i'm gonna tell you something. Okay, I love SweeTarts, hehe. Especially the halloween punya. Oh, I love my cousinnnn. Hehe. Sorang je lh, okay. Anyway, i'm very sleepy eventhough it's 3.41 am. I want to sleep, but i'm too lazy to switch the computer off. So yeah. So, I will waste my time blogging here. I am very thirsty but i'm too lazy to go downstairs and get myself water. I am also very scared. I want to go out with my friends tomorrow, but they're all busy. Haha. It's okay. At least I can wake up late. Anyway, I love my friends. Let me name a few of my friends because I am very berry (haha like strawberry shortcake -.-) bored. Okay, forget it, i'm too lazy to type their names. Oh, you know, ballet today was fun. Haha. Ikr? First time kot, hehe. Well, that's because out steps well very expressive, really. And that's really cool. Piano was okay today. Teacher kept on forcing me to play. I'm always like "nooooooo. Malas, next tiiiime" but well, she always wins, and I always have to suffer. I know, very sad. Haha. My toe hurts like hell. Yes, only one toe. But my whole foot hurts. That's because of I jumped a lot during AAR. Oh, I like AAR. Okay lh, fineeee, not so. Just abit.But they're okay. Hmm, did anyone notice that now, my fringe side is different? I bet you guys didn't. Because last time, it used to be on the right, but since the day I cut it, it looked less cacat on the left, so now it's on the left. And like, 2 seconds ago, when i tried to push it back to the right, it looked abit cacat. But it's okay. Haha. You know, I don't have the energy to type. And you know, it's only 3.49 am and there's only 7 people online? -.- I know, wtf right? I bet everyone else's watching porn or something and does not want to talk to anyone online. Hehe. Anyway, i'm in love with these shoes from TopShop, I need to get theeeeeem. So yeah. And I love Diva and Roxy. I know you already know so, but it's okay. I'm telling you again, just for you people to be sure, haha. Oh, and I think onlining nowadays is very boring. It does not interest me at all anymore. Only blogging does. And that probably explains why I blog so much. Maybe you guys don't feel as if I have been blogging a lot, but to me, it feels as if my fingers are about to fall off. Okay, i'm lying. I said that to make it sound cooler. But actually my fingers don't feel like that. So yeah. I wonder if anyone is actually reading this, haha. Because I know i wouldn't. Oh, I have gym on Monday. Yay, I am very berry happy. Because we can practice to make sure we'll get better next year. Oh, and did I tell you about cheer clinic? Oh yeah I did. You know, I think I ran out of topics to write about. So, lemme talk about Twiggies. I like chocolate Twiggies. I used, USED to like vanilla. But now, chocolate is better. Melissa asked me to go to her family day -.- But I didn't. As I said, ballet and piano. I hate Friday nights. You know why? Because I know the next day i'll be having ballet and piano. Ugh. But luckily it's a Saturday night. Yay. I miss my old friends. So sad, aww. People don't seem to want to update their blog(s), except for Hanna and Farah. Sedihnyaaaaa. Hahaha. I am hungry. And you know, my phone is cacat. Okay, that was lie, again. My phone is not cacat. I just don't really like it anymore. I want an iPhone. But actually, I prefer a normal phone rather than an iPhone, because iPhone's are too big, really. And they're very berry annoying. I have to stop using the word "very berry" because it's lame. And I am not lame, hehe. Hello Yasshene. I know you're reading this. Please don't hack into my blogger, because I know that R will not be updating her blog anytime soon, okay. I will tell you when she does. Then, you can hack into it. Oh, and I saw your friend at AAR, Yassh. Haha. But I ignored him. Eee. I wouldn't wanna waste my time talking to him. Anyway, almost gave my piano teacher my phone instead of a stapler. I knooooooooow, wtf right? Haha. So stupid. I have been writing this for 20 minutes, so long. Well, that's because I have to think before I write. Hehe. And you know, I am hungry. Did I tell you that yet? I don't think so. So yeah. I really need to sleep. I don't want eyebags. Oh, and before that, I want to clean my room. Hahaha i'm kidding. I just said that to make you guys think that i'm very good. But well, I don't think that worked. So whatever. I'm too cool for you. And did you know I hafal all the lyrics to Party In The USA? Haha. Most of you guys obviously already did, but you guys are too shy to admit so. I'm the only brave one here. OH OH, you know, i slept with the lights in my room all off last night, because I was sooooo brave :-D Really! I'm not kidding. I bet most of you sleep with a nightlight. Ew, such babies. Hehehe. Wait, I want to check my Facebook for awhile, okay done. I wrote on someones wall. I'm not telling you who. Because it'll be wasting my finger energy. Did you know that my friends are cool? Except for some. Noooo i'm kidding. They're all cool. Like meeee :-D So yeah. I need to go offline now. Because I want to sleep. Oh, and before that, I want to speak in BM. Okay, saya akan bercakap di dalam bahasa melayu sehingga saya selesai menaip 'blog post' ini. Maaf, saya tidak tahu apa 'blog post' di dalam BM adalah. Maafkan saya kerana BM saya agak teruk. Saya hanya mendapat 83 untuk kertas dua BM saya :( Ia amat melukakan hati saya. Tetapi saya tidak hirau. Asalkan saya tahu bagaimana untuk bercakap di dalam bahasa melayu. Jadi, yeaaah. Saya suka akan kura-kura. Mereka merupakan binatang yang amat comel. Okay i'm done with BM. It's hard typing in BM -.- Anyway, I want a horse. And a unicorn. Actually, I want a rabbit. But my mother won't let me. So yeah. When I live in my own house, i'm gonna buy myself a rabbit :-D Because I like rabbits. Aisyah has rabbits, kan? And she has a cat. I want a cat! Actually, I already have cat(s), but they're boring. They like to eat, and sleep. They looove sleeping on my piano and massage chair, idk why. They are weird. So yeah. I'm listening to the sweetest ever, Hey Monday - 6 Months. Actually it's not sweet. It just sounds nice. But I said that for fun. So yeah byeeeeeeeeeeeeee (for real) :-)

Sorry. I feel a bit cacat right now :P


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