Monday, December 14, 2009


hello :)
So liiiiike, today has been a great day ! :D
Woke up at 10.30 to go to OU. Went to OU. Met up with Aqilah, Azraa and Tasyah at Baskin Robbins, haha. Walked around. Bought cute hairbands at Forever 21 :] Hehe. Anyway, then, we wanted to eat luch, so we ate at Itallianese (sorry tktau spell :P). And like, we were soooo rich kan, after that -.- HAHAHA. So like yeah. Watched Love Happens, worst movie ever, don't bother watching it, people. Oh, while waiting for Tasyah, met up with Nat and her friends, haha. I almost suffocated when Nat hugged me, HAHA. She's so sweet. Hehe. Anyway, while watching the movie, Aqilah was eating the cabonara we bungkus-ed :P

Aqilah : *cari's the food in the bekas
Me : -_-
Aqilah : Mana the food? DAH HABIS KE?
Aqilah : *shines her phone lampu on the bekas to see if ada makanan lagi* TKDE HAHAHAHA,
Me : -.-

So like yeah. After the movie, met up with the sisters and Madiha and Munira because we had to go home, and like yeah. Oh, met up with Hanna too ;) She was such a loner, hanging out with the juniors >:D HAHAHA. Eating her Basking Robbins. So yeah. Lasy to blog about today. Byeee

Oh, and if I ask who this is if you text me, just tell me, okay. Because like, I decided to delete 50% of my contacts in my phone, cause I was bored (;

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