Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fly around the world.

hello :)
So like, I haven't blogged properly in ages. And I doubt this will be a proper post :P HAHA. What is a proper post anyway? -_- Haha tk kisah. Anyway, started the day by losing weight (ballet -.-), haha. Followed by gaining weight (breakfast), and losing weight again, (walking up and down the stairs to take stuff) ;D So like yeah. And I just gained weight like, 5 minutes ago. Nutella D:
Haha whatever. Anywaay, there was no cheer today :( And no piano ;D Heehee. So like, I suppose I'm happy (?), Lol.
Anyway, I don't think i'll be going for Cheer Jam D: Cause like, my mom ajak-ed me to go to Penang with her, so like yeaaahz. Oh, and I spent most of my time today watching videos in this girl's blog. Haha. Her videos are so cute, lol. You know, my internet is being so nice, today :)
Anywaaaays, I got like, 2 big packets of chocolate from England yesterday >:] and another packet today muahaha. I'm gonna be fat. But like, whatever. Omagad very panas lh over heeeeeere -.- Pfft. And like, did I tell you that my bithday is near? ;D Omg I bet I didn't. Well, MY BIRTHDAY IS NEAR. Yay >:] So like, gimme my presents. Heehee.
So like yeeeaaaah. Byebye :)
I wanna continue watching her videos, HEHE >:D

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