Friday, December 11, 2009

Hi Pik Leng !

hello :)
So, today has been a boring day, didn't do anything at all except for going online and eating. Woke up at 1.00pm, had lunch, then took a bath and went online haha.

My mom : Omg, at 12.00 tadi, I needed you! I had Farmville crisis! But you were asleep!
Aryana : -.-
My mom : But I called Auntie Lina to help me. BUT SHE DIDN'T ANSWER HER PHONE! :@ But she did lh, in the end.
Aryana : What was the crisis? -,-
My mom : I didn't know how to accept the gifts D:
Aryana : .. -_____-

Okay, you know, this post is actually only to tell you guys that I am not dead. So yeaaah, bye

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