Monday, January 25, 2010

All around the world 8D

hello :)
First of all, meeeeeeet,


Hehe, I know, the name's really cool. HAHAHA. And like, yknw the world map on the dragon? Well, I asked Nadd to draw the cow pattern thingy, but HAHAHA I got a world map instead (: Hehe, whatever, lol. So yeah. You know, I decided to start reading books again ! Hehe, as in real books. Not those books with pictures, okaaay. HEHEHE /]] So yeah. I'm currently reading The Truth About Forever, cause my mom asked me to buy the book -_- I swear it's so boring, HAHAHA. So yeah. Wish me luck, haha! Oh, and I have gym tomorrow ._. Not really excited, idk why. Whatever. Byeeee

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