Monday, January 25, 2010

To be loved.

hello :)

So hi people, last post for the week, hehe. I know you guys'll miss me. Hehe. So like yeaaah. This week will be very boring, I know. I mean like, school's really really boring, excluding the fact we that we can see friends and stuff, but yeah. Haha. We didn't even have a proper weekend , yknw. Because of school on Saturday and stuff. And well, THAT'S NOT FAIR (!) D: We need some rest too, yknw. Pfft. Oh well. Btw, when's merentas desa? :o Aisyah and I want to really bersemangatly run, this year ;D But well, we say that every year, HEHE. But like, not even 5 minutes after that, we start walking, hehehe. So yeah.

Oh, I bought bubble tea today, honey peach, THE WORST SHITTIEST FLAVOUR, okay! Don't ever ever ever try it, haha. So like, I paid Sofeya RM15 to finish it. HAHAHAHA. But like, I like chocolate :( So yeah. Don't ever even try honeydew. It sucks, too. Okay fine, chocolate je sedap, HAHA. So yeahp. Lol. So yeah. I'm doing my geo homework now. Byeeee
Oh gosh, there's assembly tomorrow -__-;
Let's just hope somehow it gets cancelled.

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