Saturday, January 23, 2010

Breathe in slowly,

hello :)

So, this week has been great. Haha. Well, not exactly lh, but well, it was okay :)
I'm not going to waste my time in blogging about the whole week, cause no one would read it, hehe. So yeah. This'll be a short post. Hmm, let's see what happened.. OH! We got our tetanus shots on Tuesday, DAMN IT HURT LIKE HELL. (Haha tipu je sebenarnya). So like, good luck to all the form 2's (A) Lol. We were supposed to get it on Monday, but ..

Jasween : Eh, you guys are doing it tomorrow kan?

Me : o.o Whyyy?



So yeah -.- Aisyah laughed while getting injected -.- I was stoning at my seat, lol. This girl in my class was effing running around and screaming -.- BUT OBVIOUSLY I DIDN'T, CAUSE I'M SO BRAVE :-D Lol, AAAAND, Hanna & I got a new friend *evil laugh*. Her name's Arisya Hanna and she's damn annoying (A) I'm sorry if you read this, Arisya. HEHEHE /]]

Hmm, anyway, Hannah brings cherry tomatoes to ballet ._. Ee, haha lol. Anywayzzz, the new cheer club members already started practicing :) They're quite good, yknw, for juniors. Especially two of the flyers (Y)(Y), hehe. So like yeah. Er, I don't really know what to blog about anymore, so yeah, HEHE.

Oh! We had cheer today. And you know what? I'm a base now. But like, tk sure lagi lh. But like our coach asked my to base, and uh, to be honest, I effing hate it. But mhm, well, I don't want to complain here cause I know fo shizz there are alot of people who'd be happy to even be in cheer -.- So yeah :] Hehe. So like, I was emo for one day about this, HEHEHEHE. But likeee, surprisingly, I wasn't emo tau, today! :D You see, i'm soooo brave, kan? So yeah.

Okay byeeee Nad, jom buat videos lagi >:D

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