Friday, January 1, 2010

Oink oink!

hello :)
So yesterday was obviously the worst new years ever. Hmm, anyway, my mom's playing the Wii with Aryana (boxing). And damnn son, so bising :P HAHAHA. She won once, but liiike, lost all the other times :P Hehe. She keeps on shouting "SHIIIT" and "STOP DOING THAAAT, IDIOT" and "BANGUN BANGUUUUN (because she keeps on falling in the game, lol)" and "YAY YAY YAYY" and "MATI YOU, MATI YOUUUU" -_- omg she's sweating, HAHA. Anyway, I haven't took a bath, and it's 3:42pm. Too lazy. I think i'm just going to wait for malam, HAHA. Hmm, can't wait for school. No, I can't wait to see all of my friends and stuff. Can't wait for rehat so I can talk to them friends. Hehe. And i'm quite happy with my class, I get to sit next to Aisyah. Haha. Eh, what doI bring on the first day of school ah? :o Haha idc lol. Omggg I can't wait to see who's joining cheer next year >:D Hehehe. So yeah. Whatever byeeezz :)

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