Saturday, January 2, 2010

She lives in a fairytale,

hello :)
Okay, my blog has problems now. The font is too small D: Malas nak change. So whatever. Hmm, this will probably the last time i'd be updating till .. next week? Haha (yeah right, Karyna -_-) . I mean like, seriously. Cause after this, I can only go online on weekends. I don't really mind, actually. Cause it's not like i'll even have time to go online, yknw. I'd be busy with tuition, cheer, ballet, piano, homework, studying and other stuff. Mhm. And like, this year, I swear i'd study everydaaaay :/ Okay fine, like, at least 4 times a week? :P Haha. Cause you knoooow, PMR :/ :/ :/ Ugh. I hate it when people say "Alaaa, PMR, senang jeee" Cause when they were doing it, they thought it was hard, and when they dah habis already all the papers and they're free, then they'll say it's easy. I mean like, eeee ._. Stupid people :@ Anyway, i'll have to get at least 85% percentage for the exams next year, otherwise, no cheer D: And that is very berry (HAHA STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE) hard. I mean like, I usually only get 80% or lower S: And itupun only form 2 kan? Ugh. So like, need to study :D (Why the heck am I happy? -.-) Yay, haha.

Speaking of cheer, there's cheer this Monday. I mean, gym. I doubt anyone will go. Well maybe except for Sobana, cause she's so bersemangated and all. Haha. I'm also abit malas to go, cause I have ballet that night (UGH) , but like, hmm, pergi je lh -.- Anyway, we need to practice for cheer '10 :D :D :D Zzzzomg, I seriously can't wait to do the new stunts :-D Hehe. That is IF my mom let's me join next year D; But like, i'm sure she will (A) Hehehe. Anyway, there's this girl, damnn she's so annoying. So yeah. I don't want to blog about her. Cause then, it'll be like, too obvious who i'm talking about :) And no, she's not in Sri Aman .. yet ;-) So like, I guess you guys know who i'm talking about. Hehe. I mean seriously (HAHA ERFAN HAHA) -__-" Hanna hates her too And Hasya. HIHI.

Anywaaays, ballet today was fun (Y) Only four people came ._. Cause like, the others prolly didn't know there was class, pfft. We did the scarf dance, HAHAHA it was dammnnn funny ok. Cause like, there was this part where Yee Lee tripped over her scarf while dancing, then suddenly Zoey fell x) Haha. I know you guys don't think it's funny, cause like, i'm not even laughing while typing -__- And usually when I type something funny, i'll laugh, but ugh, it's not working -.- So liiike, EVERYBODY LAUGH. LAUGH. D: Omg, I just wrote 'huhu' just now :O Omaigot, hihi. Adrianna wasn't so annoying today, hehe. Good for her. Oh, and did I tell you I was the first to wake up today? :-D :-D Hehe (besides my maid lh -.-). I woke up at like, 7.30, yeahp, for ballet -.- Haha. Omg, speaking of ballet, Zoey just signed in x) x) Haha. Heh, that reminds me, Hannah didn't come today :@ Pfft. So yeaaahz.

OH OH OH OMG. Do any of you know 'Babystep Eternity' is? o: You know, the lame lame loser on Facebook? Haha well, he/she adds everyone. And i'm sure all of us know him/ her, cause like, all of his/her friends are our friends, lol. But like, he/ she's so damn annoying. Haha. Cause like, I deleted him/ her from my friends, then 15 minutes later, he/she added me again. Like watafak. Who adds people again after dia kena delete right? Eee stupid fool. OMG OMG OMG WAIT, EW EW EW EW EW EW. YOU KNOW WHAAAT, I SAW THIS GROUP ON FACEBOOK, 'First day of secondary school in form 1 -Sri Aman-' LIKE EEEE. EW EW EW EW EW -.- Pfft. I know some of you people'll prolly be like "ee, so kerek lh this girl" But like, whatever. I don't care :-) Hehe. Anyway, dear people who play the pillowfight thing on Facebook, please do not hit me, PLEASE. That's cause it'll just be menyemak on my wall. And I do not even know why you people do that. Pillow fights aren't fun .. at all. Hehe. Anyway, i've got a question, is there a cheer team in Assunta? o.o Hehe. Tanya je. Cause i'm curious, HAHAHA.

So yeah. You know, this post is like so crappy and tk kemas :@ I cannot stand it. Haha (as if all my other ones are soooo kemas, kan? HAHA) :P But yeah. Whatever. Omg, you know, I dreamt of this top from Cotton On x) x) x) LOLOL. I think God really wants me to get it x) IT MUST BE A SIGN, HAHAHA. No seriously. Omg, 2 more days till school! Honestly, I can't wait :D :D (To see my friends, sebenarnya, haha). Oh shiiiitto, I don't have my badge D: Grr. Whatever. Kbyeeee :)

Hehe, first long post in a looong time :D :D

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