Monday, March 1, 2010

Designer friends.

hello :)

Okay, i'm bored. There's school tomorrow :-( And I don't like school. No cheer, how sad, haha. Oh, did I tell you how kewlzz our practice was last Saturday? Hehe. So yeaaah. People are weird nowadays :-/ Byeeee

Oh, Sofeya is so weird, HAHAHA

Sofeya : Is that a soursop? o.o
My mom : Yeaaah.
Sofeya : OMG that thing scared me, okay! D: I thought it was a durian, k. But it was too small. Then I thouhgt it was a hedgehog D:
Me : -___-; Stupid girl.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. So yeah. Byebye for reaaal

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