Thursday, March 18, 2010


hello :)
I'm currently waiting for Zalikha to come online so she can send me some stuffs for PJK. Stupid girl ain't online yet :@

Anywayy, since i'm bored, imma blog about yesterday, hahaha. I'm so lifeless lol. You guys don't need to read this. I mean seriously. Okay so like, yesterdaaaay, I had 8 hours of cheer! Like omggg I was going to die kkkkk! I was surprised I didn't HEHEHEHE. So liiikezz we practiced. Blablabla. Aisha wasn't there. She had to do some stitching thingy to her gum (or something like thaaat -.-). So yeah. Phoenix's head got hit by a flyer! :o Omg. Hm, anyway, after that, Aisha caaaame. We had a 1 hour ++ break so Izaz, Aisha, Meetra, Hannan, Sam, the twins & I went to McD to eat. We went there by cab. Ate, blablabla. We went GROCERY SHOPPING (HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA) at Jaya 33, cause we were bored. Bought alot of 'healthy' food and stuff. OH, and you know what? We walked back, I seriously do not know why. I think it was because we were too lazy to look for a cab (?) Haha tktau lol. YEAAH, we walked from section 14 McD ALLLL the way to Sri Aman. So tiring k. Izaz & I were so faaaaaast :') (HAHAHAHA). I mean seriously. Everyone else were so lambat. And you know what? halfway through, they took a cab, but Izaz & I were SOOOOOOOOO hardcore and kept on walking till we reached school. I'm seriouzz, ahaha.

Then, we had cheer with the coaches. Sebastian (LOL LITTLE MERMAID) didn't come :o So like yaaah. We stunted but like, we were freaking tired from the earlier practice so we were like sotongs k. Lib ex also can fall down, ahaha. So yeah. Practiced our cheer voice cause the coaches realised how cacated we were T_T I swear, that's the thing I hate the most about cheer, HEHE. I sucked :p So yeah. Phoenix threw up, because of the hit just nowww :S And thats a baaad thing. She's not performing cause of zhaat ;( Pfft k bye. I want to do me homeworkeeeyyy.


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