Sunday, March 28, 2010

If you can afford me ;)

hello :)
So like yaay i'm finally updating my blog :o
I was actually planning to like, finish my homework but well, whatever. Anyway, not much happened in the past week. Iqffa wasn't in class for the whole week. So bosan k. Well, at least I had Aisyah :D But stiiilll, no one to talk about the person I stalk etc etc. So yeaaah. My 2nd Domokaryna has finished, I am so bangga. You guys prolly don't know what that is, so yeah -.-

Moving on,

I didn't go for ICC. Lazy ah abiiiit :P I mean like, it's so boring. So yeah. Congrats to Mag Megan etc etc. I heard they won, yaaay. They practiced like banyak gilaaa, ofcourse they would win (Y). I thought Aliah Z Nureen etc etc's group would win or something though. Lol.

Oh, did I tell you about how 85 baru A? Ew, stupid. So like I don't even bother to aim for A's :) Cause it's hard. And i hate hard things. Hehehe. So faar, I only got afew A's. And when I mean a few, i REALLY mean a few :/ Pffffffft fml fml fml. Omg my class is so kewlz. So yeah. Aisyah and I celebrated (ok fine we didn't) our 2 months of marriage (on facebook lh) on the 24th. Lulz.

Hehhee, I know you guys do ;) MY FRIENDS LOVE IT. (Agree or die :@). Especially Aisyah. And hanna. And everyone else. HEKHEKHEKKKZZZ. And you know what I rap? HELL YEAH, LUDACRIS PUNYA PART IN BABY :D Hehehehehe. I rock at it. I've got alot more to write about. But i wanna sleep. Bye!

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