Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dear gravity,

hello :)
See, i'm so nice to Hannan, HEHEHEHE :P
Anyway, remember when I said I hated my class? Well I was wrong. I love my class. Hehe, I mean seriously. We're probably the noisiest class on that floor. But like, obviously, I don't make any of the noise. I just sit down like a nice girl, and do my homework (A) HAHAHAHA.

Okay you know what, imma post this first, without colours etc, and edit it tomorrow, and write more , lol bye! Need to eat ahhaha.


So like, I put the colours already. Hm, I was doing my sejarah notes, but screw the person who invented internet. Because of him, we all don't have a life :'(
So yeah. Anyway, back to the 'OMG I LOVE MY CLASS' part. Well, Friday was very kewl (Y) Cause like, half (?) of the class didn't come (KP camp, BM quiz etc etc), so like yeah. During PJK, Pn. Norinda asked us to play 'Bola tampar tiada syarat' :P So like, knowing us, we played Bola tampar + baling + football + bowling! Like, combined into one, HAHA. Everyone cheated like shiiiit only! IT WAS SO FREAKING FUNNY, i swear ! Like, people kept on aiming the ball at fara, HAHAHA. Kesian dia. And Aliah threw the ball to the air, and it landed on her head HAHAHA. I know it doesn't sound funny, but it was okay :(

We learnt english. JE. But for english, we did grammar :( Oh well, better than literature :p Hehe, I don't know why I hate literature so much, HEKHEKHEKKKZ. Anyway, we had fun. No teachers came in after that. My whole class sang Baby togetherAnd Haezel (?) is a very good singing partner. I was singing 'My heart will go on' , outside the class, and suddenly she came running to me, singing, hehe. Like in movies, you know. K you guys prolly don't understand but whatever, hihi.

Anyway, I pretended to be a ninja AND a fairy, but no one wanted to be a ninja or a fairy with me :'( So I had to do it ALL BY MYSELF. Stupid people. Oh, I got a new gengzzzz in class. The asrama peoplezzz. They're very kewl, I swear :') So like yeaaah. Hm, that's all, I guess (K fine, banyak lagi, but malas nk blog, lol). Byeee :)

Amanda : Your life is so .. cheerful. If you know what I mean ;)
Amanda : And my life is so .. fast!

Okay, you people wouldn't know what that meant up there, but like yezzz. bye!

I'm so annoyed can die you know.

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