Sunday, March 14, 2010

My druuug,

hello :)
So, hi peopleeee how's life? HAHAHAHA omg i'm such a loser, talking to myself HAHAHAH. So yeah. You knowww, people don't want to update their blogs anymore k :( The only person who updates her blog like, everyday is Haziqqah, hahaha. So like yeah. Oh, guess who's birthday it is today? Yep, Pik Lengs. OMG WTF WHY DO I KEEP ON ASKING QUESTIONS TO MYSELF? Pffft. Lifeless -_- ahaha. Anywaaay,


Omg, you look so pretty in this photo (!) Anywaaay, Sorry i've been ignoring you for the past few er .. weeks (?) I still love you k You're my favourite-est loserish friend everrr. Cause all my other friends aren't losers, HEHEHEHE. I'm kidding. So yeah. May your life be filled with more E's ;) I know you'd kill me if you read this. But you don't even go online. And no one actually would read this. So whatever. Byeee

And btw, why did you have to change?

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