Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baked lobsters -.-

hello :)
So, yesterday was sports day. Omgwtfbbqlol it was so .. HOT. Like, so hot can fry nuggets on your hands without the oil! Ok wait, your sweat on your hands can be the oil -_-; HAHAHAHA ew lol. Anyway, I got sunburn-ed like OMGQUIWEGFQO okay! My face from arang batu became even more arang-er :( So sad. And like today in school, I saw lobsters everywhere, HEHEHE.


The perbarisans were kewl. I actually think kuning should have won, but oh well. No offence, but Ruby red's perbarisan was .. weird, lol. I mean like, why the heck would you want to say 'Pizza Hut' in your perbarisan thingy right? HAHAHA. Ok I know they didn't say Pizza Hut, but it sure did sound like it -.- Anyhow, they were still good (Y) Sapphire blue's perbarisan was cool too ;D Just that the tangan part ah, some people were different ;/ So sad, I know haha.

Omg the running part was so awesome. I lost my voice shouting for Hanna, Nad, Puisan, Kayshana, Syaza,Iqffa, Fara, Farah, and all the other BLUE HOUSE runners >:D Hehe. Ok fine, I did shout for Wan too. HEHEHEHE. So like yeaaaah, whatever. And like, masa we jerit jerit and stuffs, we had to face the sun, so hmm you know lh what happened :p Omg! So many people pengsan-ed O: So scaryy! Iqffa also pengsan-ed D: I swear she looked like she was going to die! But oh well, SHE DIDN'T ;D ;D Lol.

Senamrobik was cool too. Haha omg i'm calling every single thing cool -.- I mean seriously. Sapphire blue's was so awesome :') But well ... not very seragam-ed :p But stiiiill! So yeah. The cheer by Emerald green was so pretty! And so was Topaz Yellow's :D Hehehe Een so smexaaaay ah, HAHAHA. So yeah. Quite boring ah actually, HAHAH i'm so evil lol. I didn't even really watch lh. I was walking around, eventhough there was nowhere to walk around but stiiiill, ahaha. Oh, and Syaza & I were kejar-ing Alysa around the stadium place to splash her with a baldi of water, aww :')

Anyway, we had to sit in the padang place for so long to wait for the results, panas gila. So yeah. Blue house won quite a number of things. So prouuud, ahha. Oh, congrats to Puisan the lala for getting olahragawati ;D I'm sho proud of yaaa. So yeah. Went back with Mag, Megan, Neesha and Pn. Christina. Went to school for cheer ;_; I know right? How to cheer after sports day? Well, we managed :') see, this is why cheerleaders are so awesome, ahaha. Sumpah penat gilerzz, but whatever. Went back home, had tuiton, after sleeping for 2 minutes ;D Very nice, haha. Sejarah pulak tu. Whatever.

You're not a bitch after all :)

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