Sunday, April 18, 2010


hello :)
So, yesterday was Autism Walk. It was quite fun, haha. I met a few Facebook people, lol. Dstarz sold bubble tea, brownies and sausages. OMG HEHEHE it was soooo laris you know, hahaha :p Anyway, the brownies got sold out in like, the first 3 hours and the sausages was sooo sedap , HEHE. Ok I know it's like so perasan but like, i'm just stating the truth you know O:-) The bubble tea ahhh, well it was so .. tasteless o_o; HAHAHAHA. I mean seriously. Everyone said so. Because we put the gula very skit oneee. But hat's a good thing. Cause we're preventing diabetes you knoooow. Haha. Hm, making bubble tea is so cooool 8) Seriously hahaha. It was sooo gelabah and stuff k. Haha! You know, we even ran out of ice ._. Very nice right? HAHAHAHA. So yeah.

Anyway, went back to Qeel's place. Mandi-ed, got ready to go to Sunway. Original plan was to go karoake-ing. But we didn't because we were broke (Y) Hehe. Nice or not. So, Elynna, Qeel, Azraa, Puisan, , Syaza, Afiqah, Alia the loser, Hanna, Tasyah and Imran decided to eat at Carls Jr -__- Stupid or what ah. So yeah we went to Sunway just to eat HAHAHAHAHA -.- stupid. So lame. Walked around blablabla so bosan. Qeel's mom wanted to do a surprise for Qeel's birthday tau, bu it was ruined, HAHAHAHAHA because of some stuffs , lol. So yeah.

Went back to Qeel's house, Hanna stayed there, sent Puisan home. I followed Qeel and her family and Elynna, Syaza, Aqila, Azraa, Tasyah, and Alia the lame one to Kokopelli. Lol. Sat next to Syaza, opposite Qeel's mom. We mengumpat-ed about Qeel with her mom, HEHE nice or not? :p

Qeel's mom : I'm going to rampas Aqilah's phone on her birthday. She uses it too much,
Me : O__O NO! Ok fine, at least rampas it after her birthday :S
Qeel's mom : Haha ok ok fine . So on the 20th, i'm taking her phone ah. It's a deal. *shakes hands*

So yeah kesian Qeel >:D Went home, talked talked talked. So yeah. 4 people slept on one bed, btw. HAHA. So yeah byeeee

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