Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I know it seems like forever.

hello :)
So like hey everybody. Guess what? I didn't stayback today :') It's the 1st time i'm not staying back in 1 month, i'm so happy, hahaha :p So like yeah. Anyway, school was boring today -.- I wanted to skip school, but noooo, my mommy didn't let me. Aww so sad. Hahaha so like whatever, didn't even learn much. Omg for geo, we had to send in out latihan and note books, but @$#!&dygyuw you know lh, my class very cool, never do work oneeee. So we were all so gelabah, HEHE. But I berjaya send in my book(s) on time, i'm so proud, haha :p

Ustazah Hanan (Aisyah & I punya BEST PWEN POREVER -.-) didn't come :D So we went to the surau. Did jawi stuffs, so hard k HAHAHA. I'm not kidding. So yeah. Oh, and yesterday, I did the pateri thingy, ALL BY MYSELF :'D (Ok fine, teacher helped abit -.-) And guess what?

IT DIDN'T WORK -_____- ,,l,,

I was like !@#$%^*& !!! -.- Haha, but you know, kena tahan macho ah abit, in front of teacher, hehe. So I just gave my ^^ face, HAHAHA. But obviously the ^^ face didn't work, and it looked like D': But whatever, i'm still cool liddat :p Hahaha.

Oh, raptai sukan was bad, ahaha. So boring k. No comments about the rumah biru cheer, haha. Mag did a great job anyway (Y) :) Yay, hahaha. I swear rehat was so crowded, hehe. Cannot even buy food k. It's either you don't buy food and live, or you buy food and get lost in the crowd and never get the chance to eat the food, lol. But whatever since canteen food sucks -.- Haha, I hope the canteen people don't read this, lol.

Oh, a kitty cat came to my house today ._. It's so cute, but ugly :O And it rolls on the floor like a hippo, HEHE ew -.- Anyway, Izaz 'terpusing' her urat or something yesterday, during cheer. HAHAHAHA IT WAS SO FUNNY. I didn't know urat can terpusing k. Izaz was so scared she's be paralysed -.- But I was scared she'd be cacat for life -.- So I asked my daddyyy ;

Me : Daddy, is there such thing as an urat terpusing? HAHAHA
Daddy : Yes, there is.
Me : O___O; HAHAHA k. Anddd, will you be cacat?
Daddy : -.- of course not. Just urut it.
Me : o_o; oh.

So yeah, I told Izaz and she seemed happier -_- stupid girl. Hahaha. So yeah byee

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