Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You can change your mind.

hello :)
So like, yes, i'm annoyed too, girllll. And yezzzz I know your friends know everything, so like, they don't need to ask me anything, you know? Eventhough what they know is wrong, who the heck cares.

And yes, I know you know i'm talking about you :D <- see, happy face somemore.

Anyway, school was boring today. Assembly was in the gallery (N). So bosan hahaha. Nothing else happened today. Stayed back, followed Kay and Neesha to Balloon Bouquet to get the balloons for Autism Walk, or something, went to McD after that, ate. Went for cheer rumah biru, helped out with the stunts, went home. I had 15 minutes to get ready for ballet. So I quickly took a bath, changed, went to ballet.


Yezzzz, she finally came back from Aussie, hehe stupid girl
Raptai sukan tomorrow. Still learning for 2 hours, like @#!$!%^@?!?! -.- Anyway, i'm in charge of the strawberry bubble tea for Autism Walk. So buy strawberry. LAGI TASTY BECAUSE I'M MAKING IT, hehe :p

Me : Nadiaaah, will you cry when I die?
Nadiah Habil : Yeah :O
Me : Hehehe okay :DDD
Nadiah Habil : But i'll cry tears of joy :D
Me : !&$#%&* -_____- ,,l,,


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