Sunday, April 18, 2010

Orang Asli amat cool.

hello :)
A few photos from yesterday, credits to Azlan Baqee's 2nd daughter, HEHEHE :P

Anyway, I forgot to mention that I burnt my finger during science class on Friday ;_; You know how? Haha, well, we were doing this experiment thingy. You know the chapter 6 experiment? the thing where you burn some stuff in a test tube? Well, yeah. We did that. And like, after they burnt it, I wanted to see if it was still hot or what, so I touched it lh :( And OMGWTF it was still hot, HAHAHA. But like, how was I supposed to know kan? No one told me that it would still be hot -.-


Anyway, I just came back from lunch, with my family at this garden restaurant place, haha. Idk where. But all I know is that it's reaaaaaaally healthy. Everything there is organic k -.- And no, I am not kidding -,- Lol. Oh, tomorrow's my ballet exam D: I am so scared. HAHAHA tklh, tipu je. I'm not really worried cause like, at least this time i've got my friends, you know. So yeah. And like, i'm skipping school. So don't miss me too much, HAHAHA -.- Omg, it's Qeel's birthday tomorrow D: Ok nvm.

I will end this post with everyone's favourite photo ; THE ORANG ASLI PHOTO :D

And yes, we look very dark, blame Afiqah's camera.

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