Sunday, May 16, 2010

And that kooool! :D

hello :)
Look at my new best friends, people -.- ew.
I'm having so much fun spending time with them -.- ew.

Anyway, omg you know, just now, Justin Bieber called me while I was with Miley Cyrus like omg! He asked me to go lepak lepak with him and Lady gaga, but I told him I couldn't, cause usher was coming to my house O: So like, he decided to come to my house with Lady gaga and taylor Swift! When they came, I called Katy perry, my best friend and asked her to come too. But she was with Pitbull, in Sunway. So all of us decided to go to Sunway. On the way there, we bumped into Paul Digiovanni. He was alone and decided to follow us. When we got there, we talked and stuff. I had a great time braiding Justin Bieber's hair Then, my mom called me, asking me to come home cause Ludacris was at my house O: So like yeah, said bye to everyone and went home. Talked to Ludacris about his first love (HEHE LOL GEDDIT? Ok lame -.-). He went back.

So yeah. I had a great day with them :)

Minah kewl.

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