Sunday, May 16, 2010


hello :)
So, first of all,

To all my teachers I looove, hehehe.

So likeeee, I can't wait for the celebration tomorrow, hehe. I'm happy they didn't cancel the celebration k -.- Imma bake cupcakes for my teachers, cause i'm so sweet (: (cehh, padahal my mom yang buat -.-) *angelic face. So like yeaaah. Anyway, I woke up freaking early today and went to my aunts house, then went to my grandma's house. I did my homework there *bangga. So yeah, pfffft. Oh did I tell you that my camera's autofocus is cacat? HAHAHA well it is -.- But I asked my dad to buy another kit lens, cause ew, I dowan lh to use zoom lens -__- so heavy and annoying. So yeah. Omg I have tuition in 13 minutes, noooo D': Science pulak tu, eew.

Anyhow, I think my mom's too obsessed with farmville. She see's it everywhere ;

My mom : *drives past some bushes* Eh, they look like those Farmville bushes ;D
Me : -_________-;

So yeah. I think I better try studying now. I'm going to get last in my class fo sho, i'm skipping the last 2 days you know :S Seriously. From number 2 to last, wow isn't that kewl? -.- Hahaha. So yeah. Byeeee

Minah Kewl

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