Sunday, May 30, 2010


hello :)
So, today I basically spent the whoooole day studying. It was quite okay, you know. HAHA. I had piano too. And today's class was only for 1 hour, because I told my teacher I had exams, LOLOL. So yeaah. And I made pixels, haha. I made quite a few, but this is my fave, just because it's a ninjaaa, and also cause it's for one of my favourite grrrrrrrrl Hehe, you should be touched. I mean it >@ Haha -.-

And as you can see, it's quite cacat. But that was the best i could do, lol. And you people don't copy copy my ninja k :( LOOK! It's acting like a reaaaal ninja with my kittyyy Yeaaay, haha. Ok, i'm bored. Oh, I forgot to mention, i'm going to England on the third day of exams, like yeaaah ~ So I don't need to study KH and all the others shits, hahaha. Buuuut, i'll be missing S.O.X D': But like, Raanita's gonna replace me for it :'( So sad. Haha. And i'll be missing cheer camp, ALAAAAA D: D:

My mom's coming back tomorrow, yaaay :D Haha. I ran out of songs to listen to. Any suggestions? Ok bye

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