Saturday, May 29, 2010


hello :)
Hm, so hi people. Sorry for the looooong absence. Well, it's not like anyone cared kan? HAHAHA i've been very busy with studies (HAHA AS IF I STUDIED KAN? -.-) and cheer and stuff like thaaat. Very tiring k. Haha. So yeah. I'm happy today's a holiday :)

Moving on, did I tell you 3 fasih has a class song? O: Well yeah, we have a class song ;D It's the happy llama song! Hahaha ok I think I mentioned this before ok nvm :p Lol.

During science ;
Me : *passes chocolate to people behind* *chews* OM NOM NOM
Teacher : Karyna, what are you doing?
Teacher : Lain kali, kalau awak nak makan, bagitau je lh dekat saya.
Me : -_-

So yeah, this teacher is so kewwwwll, i sweaaar >D Whatever, anyway, today was a very productive day, seriously (: Woke up at 7.26. Cheer started at 7.30, lol. Went for cheer. We ran 5 rounds around the field while cheering -,- HAHAHA IT WAS SO FUNNY. I was tired from laughing -_- So yeah. Went home, studiiiiiiiiied. Ok so like, basically, I studied alot tau :') *bangga. Hahhaa so yeaah. My hands and legs hurt like shit from cheer. Especially my hands, cause my darling Sabrina fell on me hahaha -.-

Anyway, I wonder who's birthday it is in .. 3 days? ;)
Hm, you're gonna be old, grrrl

So yeah. This post was just for the sake of making my blog un - dead. Yeaaaaay. Ok bye

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