Sunday, May 2, 2010


hello :)
So, i'm in Neesha's house ;D AND LOOK, we have Tokio Hotel cd's, ahahaha.
yesterday was the Celcom S.O.X competition thingy :) And guess whaaaaaat?
We got into the finals, like yeaaaaay.
Hahaha. You know, Meetra fell down from an extension ._. I mean like, how do you fall down from an extension? :( hahaha. But we still rocked their SOXXXXXXXX hahaha GET IT? LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHA SO FUNNY HAHAHAHA. So like yeah. It was a fun day. And you know what? Nad came :') She wanted to surprise me, SO SWEEEET :'DDD


Went back with Neesha to her house, it's so prettaaaaaaaaay :D hehehe. We decided to go to Tokio Hotel because we were bored. It was very last minute and spontaneous (HAHA LOL). So like, neesha called her aunt, asking for a ride to OU. We went to OU, bought the cd to get the tickets and went ;D there were sooooooo many people. And we kept on calling people asking them if they were there, incase we could like cut the line, ehhehe. But like only Salasiah was there, and nureen. But Nureen so smart masuk lambat. Pffffft. We couldn't find Salasiah :/ Saw quite a few seniors. No form 3's you knowwwzz -.-

Tokio Hotel was coool, although we had to wait for 2 hours before Tokio Hotel really came out, lol -.- Neesha and i were like noobs k. We didn't know any songs, except for Automatic and World behind My Wall. HAHAHAHAHAHA. yes yes we're cool liddat. Waited at TGIF for Neesha's parents to pick us up, went to sleep :) EHEHEHE

Lessons to be learnt ;
-Always do research on an artist before you go to their concert, HAHAHA.
-Never go to a concert after cheer competition.
-Bring an umbrella wherever you go.
-try to be tall.

Overall, it was QUITE boring, like AAR punya concert lh, hahaha. But it was still cool ? :p

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