Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Bosaaaaaaaaaan you know.

hello :)
So, i'm currently at my kampung like yeaaaaah~
Sumpah bosan gila can die ok, like seriously. Even studying is fun, i swear :-( So like, all I do here is .. study study study study text text study camwhore camwhore camwhore and yeah. Ok so saad. I wanna go hooooooooome, back where there's fast internet, hahaha. The internet connection here is like so slooooooooow D: But at least ada lh jugak en hahahaha.

Anyway, I changed Adha's fb password, so she can't go online till after her trials, which is after PMR O: HAHAHA, omg PMR is in less than a month, and idk if i'm ready yet .. I haven't read ANY of the novels k. All the bm ones, and oh also the Jekyll and Hyde thingy, ugh die laaaaaa. Haha, so yeah. I should be studying, like, rn. But HAHAHA jap malas.

And omg,
Sorry we wished you at 1230am, hehehe. And sorry I always ask you for stuff and waste your money, but that's what dads are for ok? ok! :D HEHE. I love you hehehe. Btw I want supras. Eh no, nike skytops, yes yes yes :"D HEHE.

So yeah. I think I better go study now, and oh, go look for my phone, lol :-O

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