Monday, September 6, 2010

When the lights go out.

hello :)
I like this photo cause I look so gangstaaaaaa, hehehehe ok lol no -_-

Anyway, see, i'm updating, lol. Pmr is in exactly A MONTH D: And that's not good. I haven't finished reading agama k. Or KH. And I don't understand anything about accounts, yesssss -.- Hahaha whatever. I'm like, gonna balik kampung today :p HAHAHAHA. Cool or not? No. Imma study there. Good. Hahaha. You know what? I'm so bored of blogging hahaa. Bye!

And guess what, it's 9am, AND I'M AWAKE :O HAHA, no, I just didn't sleep after sahur, haha :p And you know what? I'M THIRSTY ALREADY K HAHAHA. Not good (N)

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