Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Burger .. mbira :D (HEHE geddit lol huiwei ♥ )

hello :)
Wow, ikr, it's been like a reaaaally long time since I last blogged, haha. So much for "More after pmr", right? HAHAHAHA lame -.- Anyway, I seriously do not know what to blog about. So just now, while eating my Nutella sandwich I was thinking and I was like "OMG I should cerealsly write about my burgers in my blog! Hehehehe" :D So yeah.

First of all, here is a photo of us, don't we look cooool?

From left ; Neesha, Hui Wei, Karyna the Kool, Lissa ♥ ♥ ♥ Aww.

Anyway, you people must be thinking, "Why burgers? Why not hotdogs or something else? -.- Omg they are so laaaaaame" :( So it was like this, like last month during a cheer practice, huiwei and I were wearing an orange shirt, Neesha was wearing a red shirt and Lissa was wearing a yellow shirt. So yeah. Thennnnn, Huiwei, Neesha & I were rolling around and jumping on each other and someone was like "OMG! We're like burgers looooool. Huiwei and Karyna , orange can be the burger bun and Neesha, red can be the daging in the middle ! :') hehehe" So yeah. And then we asked Lissa to join us as she was wearing yellow, she could be the cheese, LOL ;DD And so yeahh. That's how it happened. Cool story, no? HAHAHA I bet you didn't even understand -.- Lulz.

So, the tujuan of this post (Lol as if ada tujuan right -.- Hahaha) is to introduce my burgeeeeeers! :D I will write about them alphabetically ok? :)

First of all, introduciiiiiiiiing ;

ALISSA NASSIHIN NAZERIIIIIII (!) ♥ Or better known as Lissa :D
So, everyone say hi to Lissa! ;D See, she's pretty isn't she? I am very jealous of her, lol. Anyway, about Lissa. Hmm, she's a year younger than I am, but i'm pretty sure she thinks older than me :( BUT OBVIOUSLY I ACT OLDER THAN HER LOL CAUSE I'M SO MATURED HEHEHE :D Anyway, she is very good in cheer and omg, you should see her spike and toetouch dll :B Hihi. She's also the cheer captain! Yayyy! *clapclapclap. And wowowww you should see her dancing, sooo niiiiice I swear! Her face would always be like this -> :D And damn son hahaha she dances like alsjkdfhlasjdfhlsdjfhl ahhaha. :P Lulz.

Neeeeeeeeeext, meeeeeeeet ;

HUI WEI CHIN (!) ♥ Or better known as Hui Wei :D
I know you probably can't see her face here cause she's closing her eyes, but trust me, her eyes are really 'big' lol. No, seriously, they are :p Hehe. Anyway, Huiwei is a very pretty girl! And omg I like her iPhone lol. Oh yeah, she's addicted to this Burger game in Neesha's laptop. You should see her play -_- Her face is like o_o focused on the screen and she won't move, I am serious .__. HAHA. Anyway, she's also a year younger than me. And she's shorter than me! :D *cough. Actually everyone's shorter than me, cause i'm so tall. So yeah :) Oh yeah and besides that, she is very semangated in cheer. I remember last year during cheer 09 she came for both days, lol :3

Last but not least, presenting ;

NEESHA HAZIS (!) ♥ Or better known as Neesha :D

As you can see, Neesha is very berry pretty :D She's also veryyyyy bersemangat in cheer. hehe. She is currently in love with ______. -.- HAHA you should see her stalking him, WOWOWOWW reminds me of a ninja O: Haha lol jk i'm the only ninha here :p HEHEHE. Anyway, I like her house very much. Especially her room. It is so pretty! The burgers (minus Lissa :() did a sleepover there two days ago and it was very fun, lol. We're planning to do another one this Thursday, after Charms practice :') Aww HAHAHA. And oh also, her brother is very cute (LOL HUI WEI HAHAHA *middlefinger lol) :p And her mom is so nice and pretty lol :') I also went for Tokio Hotel with her, aww.

So yeah I think that's all about my burgers :D I shall now end this post with ..

A burger a day keeps the doctor away :'D Lame -.-

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