Saturday, November 6, 2010

First, last and only time ..

hello :)
So, hi these are my best cheer friends. Lissa is missing, so sad. Anyway lol hi just got back from Neesha's house (again). And oh, I met a new friend luuuulz. So yeah. Anyway, you see the title? Well yeah. Enough said, you don't need to know what it's all about but yeah aldfhalsdjfh :(

Oh you know what? I miss school. Like seriously. I miss the people in school, HAHA everything lah, minus the food. Eek :p Talking about food, I feel like eating japanese food right now. Sushi, sashimi etc etc OMG someone take me to Shogun nooow ! Hahaha.

My whole body is aching from cheer, and honestly I like it, HAHAHAHA I know I know so stupid but teehee Karyna kaan hardcoreee HAHAHA :P And I don't like people anymore lol byee

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