Sunday, November 7, 2010

Do you remember the night?

hello :)

hehehehe cause we're happy cheerleaders :-D

Anyway, hi! Ok I am officially awesome. Ok lol not exactly, well google is awesome hihihi it solved my problem. Like a really big problem and yay, i'm happy Y^^Y HEHE lame -.-

Anyway, you know what, I think i'm getting fatter lol. Since after pmr, I have been super duper bored like every single day so I eat and eat and eat and that is not a good thing, boo. Haha. Oh, did I ever tell you people about the time jaja, Nik, Habil, Davina and I played hide and seek around the school?! :'D It was so soooo fun hihi. We hid here there and everywhere lol. So yeah ..

Omg I don't know what to blog about already, haha. Oh you must be wondering (or not) why I tetiba rajin wanna update my blog? Oh well that's cause I was reading someone's blog and she's like super rajin to update her blog and I was like awww teringat kat the promise I promised myself to update often since i'm free .. and lifeless -_- HAHA.

Anyhow, I miss pmr :-( You're prolly like "WHAT THE ALSDKJFHASLDJK CRAZY OR WHAT?!" but yeah it's true. Idk why but I love the feeling of being in the examination hall, doing the exam, being scared, answering the questions, looking around and looking at people freak out :') HEHE. But obviously for me, no one was freaking out (near me) cause hehhh I had to sit next to these boring people during pmr, no offence -.- haha. I mean like alskdjfhalsdjk seriously. Ok dah lol. I hope they read this. But idt they will cause they don't look like the people who would wanna waste their time going online :-( AHAHA.

Ok wait, I got a text, hihi. Not so forever alone anymore, huh :P Ok done, replied hahaha -.- Oh today's weather is soooo nice :-D It feels like it's 8 in the morning, lmao. I think cause it rained just now .. but well idk. I was sleeping. OMG OMG Yaay there's school tomorrow! Hahaha which dumbfuck is excited to go to school?! -_- HAHA me lol not funny. Anyway, byee, I wanna go sikat my hair, it's not being nice to me today :-(

OMG WTF blogger screwed my colour fonts eeeesh ._. Where are my pretty colours?! Haih.
Ok bye bye! Kissy kissy mwah mwah :-* :-*

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