Sunday, November 7, 2010


hello :)
Since i'm bored I decided to list down the things I want HEHE.

  1. A RABBIT! Yes yes I want a rabbit very very very very veeeeeeeeeeery badly, I mean they're like so cute and omg their fur is soooo soft :') Heh, forget about cats already lh, rabbits are cooler, and cuter, hihi. Sadly, my mom does not agree on buying me a rabbit cause she says they stink :'( And oh yaaa she said "Siapa nak jaga?". Haih, so sad lol. And HAHAHA pls I dowan to jaga rabbits cause they poop alot. Hahaha. And oh yeah Pn Chris also said "You don't even know how to take care or yourself and you want to take care of a rabbit?!", so .. um yeah. That's sad :-(
  2. A new phone! HAHAHAHA LOL yes yes my phone is not even 1 month old yet, it's only .. 2 weeks old OMG HAHAHAHAHAHA but I want a neeeeew one! Izaz already dropped this phone so dah calar abit, and HEEEY I don't want a calar-ed phone :-(
  3. THE NEWWWWWW IPOD TOUCH lasdkfjhsldalsjkdha damn nice. Yasir has one and I want to kill him damn son so niceeee to camwhore with it :') So yeah. 
Lol omg tu je ke?! HAHA yeah I think so. And oh yeah I want more money too cause i'm getting broke- er each day.

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