Monday, November 8, 2010

Turn Around.

hello :)
So hi. That photo was taken last year, it's sooo old hahaha *flisphair. Lol ok.

Anyway, so hi again lol. Today was a bad day for me, I mean there were ups and downs (alot) but asdfghjkl that's life alright. Started the day with Nad Habs, walked with her to the gallery. And then we went to the dewan. Assembly was boring, as usual so Esmeralda (LOL NAMA PENUH AMIK KAAU haha) and I talked.

Us : Blablablablabla.
Prefects : SHHHHHHHH.
Us : -_- Blablablabla.
Prefects : SHHHHHHHH.
Us : -_- *senyap*.

(5 minutes later)
Us : Blablablablaaaaa.
Prefect : Excuse me can both of you please stand up?
Me : -____- _|_ *stands up.
Mira : *stands up.

So yeah it was very asldkjfhlasd boring, lol. Cause we couldn't talk while standing up HAHA. But we still could laugh at people lah teehee. Anyway yeah, so that made me -.- haha, and to make things worst, this prefect asked us to stop talking agaaaaain, ugh. Oh wait no, she didn't ask us to stop talking but she did the shhh thing, which in my opinion is 274534652 times worst than asking us to stop talking -_-

Me : OMG can you just shut up? -_-
Prefect : *membebel blablablablablabla you watch your mouth*
Me : -.- *ignores.

So yeah that girl is so .. ASLKJFHSD sumpah I could have baling-ed my shoe at her. But well obviously I didn't because ;

  • That's a bad thing lol.
  • A discipline teacher was 2 metres away from me.
  • My shoe was too nice for her face.
  • And oh yeah I malas wanna bukak kasut HAHA.
Ok anyway, after kena marah blablabla, we had to go to the dewan, for Kem Jati Diri. It was .. okay I guess? Kinda boring lah. We played games, and the only game I liked was the kejar - kejar one >:D HEHE. Blablabla it was time to go home. And I know I shouldn't blog about this but .. I saw Anis lol. She is so cute. Okay dah dah. 

So yeah. After thaaaat, Nik, Adha, Farah, Jaja and I went to Pizza Hut (LOL) to meet up with Hadi, HAHAHA. It was super duper duper awkward for some reasons :/ I was like zzz the whole time. Didn't even eat much cause I was too .. idk? Guilty? Hahah idk? So yeah. On the way back, I had a fight (?) or whatever you call it with my bestfriend. I don't know if you can even call it a fight, but it was more of a "Fine ignore me kdhadjflsdj" kind of fight :( And that, obviously was the worst part of today. Hmm so yeah. 

At 4.30pm, my mom arrived and I went home, couldn't stop thinking of some shits that happened. :/ Haih. So yeah, packed for tonight, and here I am. Oh oh oh oh and guess what? I'm sleeping over in school tonight HEHE. With Hanna, Mira, Azraa, Elynna, Aqila, Seri (?), Qeel (?) dll :D I'm sure it's going to be fun, haha. We already planned what to watch and stuff. And oh yeah, this is for Kem Jati Diri btw, hihi. Ok you guys don't even care lol. So yeah. 

And btw, i'm very sorry. 
Why do we always have to do the same thing everyday? 
Haih. On a day like today? Wow that's nice

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