Monday, November 8, 2010

You couldn't keep it.

hello :)
Build a bear workshop bunny, loveee

So as you can see, I changed my blogger layout, and honestly I do not like it, HAHA I should have just stuck with the old one. But well, hahaha I don't care about lah, no one even reads this blog anymore, sudah mati okay. HAHAHA. But oh oh oh pastel colours look super duper pretty on the background .. BAHAHA. Ok dah dah. Anyway, I am hungry, haven't eaten yet zz -_- I swear today was the most unproductive day ever.

Jadual Karyna Pada Hari Ini (lol wtf fail hahaha)
1.30pm ; Bangun, Mandi.
2.00pm ; Online.
3.00pm ; Makan.
3.15pm ; Sambung online.
5.30pm ; Stop onlining.
5.40pm ; Baca buku sambil mendengar iPod.
8.00pm ; Online guna phone sebab malas nak jalan to the computer hehehehe.
9.00pm ; Finally walks to the computer and goes online only cause the phone was ringing and I had to walk to answer it, lol.

And now, it's 9.53 and i'm still online, haih, I need a life ;_; So yeah. My life ain't interesting dah, HAHA. Luckily lah got best friends teehee. Ok bye lah I wanna re - organize my iTunes for the 2345723497878th time today (;

2 more hours, and it'll be exactly 4 months, hihi

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